Adopting An Exotic Bird

Adopting An Exotic Bird

Exotic birds can make for fascinating and fun long-time companions, but there are a few things you should know before taking the steps to adopt one.

As far as pets are concerned, animals such as dogs and cats tend to get all the attention. Unfortunately, this means that animals such as birds are overshadowed, and they really don’t get the attention that is due.

Some people don’t believe that bird ownership can be enjoyable, but this could not be further from the truth. In my experience, birds are also creatures that offer love and affection to their owners. They also all have unique characteristics and personality traits that separate them from other animals.

Additionally, there are unique advantages to having a bird as opposed to other traditional animals. Pet dander avoidance is one of these advantages. The dander is an allergen for some people, but it isn’t present in birds.

While the bird keeping experience is nothing short of amazing, there are a few things we think you should know before you get one, so I’ve outlined them below.

Non-Stick Cookware Is Poisoning

Teflon is toxic to birds in its heated state. This compound is used to coat many cookware pieces to give them a non-stick property. Unfortunately, the fumes generated by the heated version can prove to be fatal to birds in mere minutes. We recommend sticking to cast iron and stainless-steel cookware.


While a bird doesn’t usually have you walking around the house cleaning its waste or hair, its eating habits create a unique situation. As you know, birds have beaks in place of mouths. This means that there are limitations where things like chewing are concerned. Therefore, food particles are likely to fall as a bird eats. You might need to clean the area around the bird’s cage daily, so be prepared.

A Bird’s Affection Is Different

Don’t expect a bird to behave like a dog and jump on you initially. A bird is more of a hands-on responsibility, which means that physical touch is its love language. Spend time with your bird socializing and handling it to help the process. Remember that birds don’t begin their lives domesticated, so you must help the process along. The reward is well worth it though, as nothing can damage your relationship with your bird once it has been formed.

Watch Your Jewelry and Buttons

It is a very bad idea to handle a bird while wearing jewelry. Birds experience an involuntary attraction to shiny things and buttons. This causes the animals to want to play with them and attempt to nip at them. Just be conscious of this always so you can maintain a comfortable experience.

No Smoking

A bird’s respiratory and breathing system cannot handle smoke to any degree. They even have a harder time doing so than those of human beings. If you are a smoker, it is recommended that you smoke outside where the bird is unaffected. Lingering particles are also a problem, so wash your hands thoroughly before you even touch your bird. Both cigarette smoke and tobacco products are extremely bad for your bird’s health. Therefore, try to reduce the presence of these smoke sources in the bird’s environment as much as possible.

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